LETICIA DEMEUSE {click the image to see more artwork}

Acrylic Painting

Leticia Demeuse was born in Southern Brazil.  She learned to love art watching her mother paint. Her first career was in publicity and advertising which later motivated her to earn an MBA in marketing. Leticia was always fascinated with the idea of communicating through images. After studying art she developed her own unique style of painting large acrylic abstracts and has collectors all over the world.

Brazil's vibrant culture is evident in her artworks, and she returns to her homeland each year to study and paint with her former art teacher while visiting family. Demeuse gains inspiration from nature and her travel experiences. Rarely working on one painting at a time, she is often painting four or five pieces simultaneously. Most of her paintings feature multiple layers, and that often requires the layers to dry before she can paint another layer.

She lives in Carlsbad with her husband Eddie, son Jordan and a beagle called Lola.



"Mixed Emotions"


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