Karen Aschenbrenner    Watercolors & Mixed Media      

Abbey Chamberlain    Photographic Artist

Simona Cherlin

Bob Cradic      Oils               

Leticia Demeuse        Acrylics          

Cheryl Ehlers     Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media, 3-D 

Sandy Friend         Oils

Wendy Hall        Watercolor

Dana Levine

Juliet Saltman        Watercolor & Watermedia      

Mark Sherman    Watercolor

Rita Shulak      Oils                    

Lia Strell       Metal Sculpture       

Aura Suarez


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A lot of great art to be found on this site! Not sure if you are aware of us, but we are We hold appox 18 outdoor fine art festivals every year thruout California. Check us out!
-- Curtis Beck, 8/29/13

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