Artists Directory

Karen Aschenbrenner    Watercolors & Mixed Media      

Don Coordt       Watercolors & Stoneware              

Bob Cradic      Oils               

Leticia Demeuse        Acrylics          

Cheryl Ehlers     Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media, 3-D 

Sandy Friend         Oils

Steve Gould            Photography        

Tena Navarrete Mixed Media

Annette Paquet Watercolor, Gouache & Mixed Media

Mark Rom            Wood Sculpture        

Juliet Saltman        Watercolor & Watermedia      

Rita Shulak   Oils                    

Lee Sie     Photographer

Lia Strell    Metal Sculpture       

tul- Tanya u Lozano Acrylics

Jackie Zucker     Acrylic


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