How and Why We Began

The founders of Coastal Artists were all long-time artist-members of the Del Mar Art Center & Gallery (Del Mar, CA), which suddenly lost its space in December 2007 at the 15th Street Del Mar Plaza.  The homeless artists sent a letter to the editor of several local newspapers, explaining their loss of gallery space and asking for any offers of space  where they could show their multimedia art. 

Two immediate offers came: one from the City Hall Gallery of Solana Beach, the other from the Solana Highlands School in Carmel Valley.  The City Hall offer was made by the Assistant to the Mayor who invited the artists to a meeting to discuss the offer.  At the meeting the group met the Gallery Director, and a June date was offered for a six week exhibit in the City Hall Gallery. The Solana Highlands offer was made by an art event Chairperson, who invited the homeless artists to participate in the event (Night At The Museum) and then have a two week exhibit in the school. The homeless artists were most grateful and happily accepted both offers.
This began a two year association with the Solana Beach City Hall Gallery, during which time the artist group (known then as the Del Mar Art Group) had four exhibits, two in each of the two following years.  During this time the artists were advised to apply for an IRS tax-exempt status (501c3), which they did over a six month period (with frequent calls to the IRS telephone hot line).
For the IRS application they officially changed their name to Coastal Artists and also registered with the State of California as an unincorporated nonprofit association.
They finally received their tax-exempt status in 2009, and at almost the exact same time, the Del Mar Art Center & Gallery was again offered space in the Del Mar Plaza.  By this time, some of the artists had begun to appreciate the experience and fun of exhibiting in public spaces, and decided not to return to the Del Mar Gallery which required some hours each month of staffing the gallery.  Some did return but retained their affiliation with Coastal Artists, and continued to show art with both groups.  So as of today, some of our artists are affiliated with both groups as well as other art groups throughout San Diego.


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Coastal Artists is a 501 c3 non-profit organization.  
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